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StellarXplorers VIII Registration Information (2021-2022)


StellarXplorers VIII will use SportsEngine for Team Directors (TD) to register their organization and team(s):

  • TDs only need to register their organization (school, CAP unit, etc) for STLX VIII one time using the below Registration Button at bottom of page.
  • Once the organization is initially registered for STLX VIII, TDs can add 1-5 teams using the procedures found in the "Edit Team Information" Pull Down Menu
  • Procedures to review, add, and edit teams are similar to last year and procedures are found in the "Edit Team Information" Pull Down Menu

The link to the registration form is located at the bottom of the page.

Team directors, please use the link one team for registration.

STLX VIII Competition Schedule

STLX VIII Competition Schedule

Paying registration fees or requesting fee waivers:

  • $200 for 1st high school team, $100 for 2nd high school team, no fee registration for 3rd, 4th and 5th high school teams
  • After you Register your Organization and and Team/s, you will be given a balance based on $200 per registered team.  Please DO NOT pay on the Registration Form.  You will be provided an Invoice by StellarXplorers requesting payment shortly after you register via email for the correct amount based on early registration, Title I &/or Service Team/s Discount, and/or # of Teams Registered.
  • After receipt of Invoice, payment must be made by November 15, 2021 (we accept payment by purchase order, check, credit card)
  • Teams created in the registration system with TD verification before July 1, 2021 receive a 20% discount (discounted rate is locked-in with final payment still due by Nov. 15)
  • Fees waived upon request for Title I School (must provide proof of status - e.g. signed letter from school administrator)
  • Fees automatically waived for JROTC, Civil Air Patrol, and Naval Sea Cadet Corps teams

Welcome Page

Again, TDs should only use this link one time. Once your organization is registered for STLX VIII, you should use the "Edit Team Information" procedures to make any changes.

Organization Registration Page

Select how many teams you plan to register during this initial registration. If you plan to add or withdraw teams at a later date, please notify the StellarXplorers staff at before making these changes, using the "Edit Team Information" procedures.

We have added the option to name an Alternate Team Director. If the TD identifies that individual during the initial registration, both the TD and Alternate TD will be verified and either individual can supervise a competition round throughout the year. For each competition round, however, only one individual (TD or Asst TD) will receive the competition emails so if you plan to use the Alternate Team Director, you MUST notify us at prior to the beginning of the competition round.

You can also add an Alternate TD later in the year using the "Edit Team Information" procedures but you must notify us at so we can verify this individual.

For Organization Name, please only put School Name here (if JROTC) and then identify your organization as JROTC under Organization Type. If your school has both JROTC and non-JROTC teams, email us and tell us which teams are which type. If you are a CAP team, please use your Unit name, not your Unit number.

For Verification Officials, if you are a JROTC organization, you must use a school official, like Principal and Assistant Principal, and not a higher ranking JROTC instructor.

Team Competitor Roster Pages (there are 5 pages)

During this initial (and only time used) organization registration process, you can add team members here.  If you do not know team members at this time, just hit Continue and go to next page.  Most StellarXplorers team rosters are finalized shortly after the academic school year begins.  Even if you only have 1 team, you must hit Continue at the bottom of all five pages.  There are 5 pages for the up to 5 potential STLX teams each Team Director may coach.  You can review, edit, and change Team Rosters at a later date using the "Edit Team Information" procedures.

Mentor Information Page

During the initial (and only time used) organization registration, you can add 1-2 Mentors here. If you do not have a Mentor at this time, just hit Continue at the bottom of the page. You can review, edit, and change Mentors using the "Edit Team Information" procedures.

Review Page

Select Review to show all your information added at this time. You can make any changes at this time. Once satisfied, select Registration Complete. You are now finished completing your Organization Registration for STLX VIII. Any later changes MUST be made using the "Edit Team Information" procedures.

If you have questions, contact Alex Edgar and the StellarXplorers team at

to register your organization for STELLARXPLORERS VIII click on the link below

StellarXplorers VIII Organization Registration (only use this link one time)

TDs should only register their organization one time. If you have previously registered for STLX VIII using this link, please go to the Edit Team Information Tab on the Pull Down Menu below Registration. It will explain how to update/review/edit your Registration.